Sep 16

Music Monday: "This Is How Love Sounds"

Sep 16, 2013 1 Comments

I close my eyes and I wonder, what does love sound like?


it sounds like your bare feet on the kitchen floor

it sounds like the coffee is on

It sounds like you laughing

singing along to your favorite song

it sounds like you dancing while you tip toe down the hall

it sounds like the click from the lock on the bedroom door

it sounds like the symphony of the street below out the window of the room where we lay

It sounds like Shakespeare and Al Green

or an ocean breaking

falling over me



it sounds like you breathing

it sounds like your heart beating

the way you lay your head down

in my heart, in my day, this is how love sounds


I have recorded this song once, and this is it. I wrote it with Jon Nite and Jeff Cohen. I love playing guitar on this song, and I love the way it grooves on this recording.

In case you couldn't tell, this is a love song. Send it to someone you love.

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  1. John P avatar

    On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 7:52 PM, John P said:

    Kristian, LOVE this song. So soulfull. so much talent. Will it be on the new album? If not, can you please publish to iTunes or somewhere similar?

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